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Saniflo Macerator Pump

Saniflo Macerator Pump

Saniflo takes the waste from a WC. Saniflo has a redesigned casing, slightly wider than the previous model, designed to provide noise reduction.

Performance has been upgraded and Saniflo now offers vertical pumping to 4 m and horizontal pumping to 50m – or a lesser combination of both – making it suitable for use in a basement conversion or other applications where vertical pumping is required.

  • Installing a Saniflo is the easy way to have a new toilet installed virtually anywhere in the home or workplace without carrying out major plumbing work.Small bore macerator pump for use with a single WC
  • The easy way to add a loo in a basement or loft extension – or in any home improvement where conventional large bore pipework is impractical
  • 22mm pipework
  • Works with any style of sanitary ware

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