Uniflo Unicleanse crystals macerator toilet descaler Sanifo,Sanipro,Sanislim.


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Uniflo Unicleanse


Macerator De-Scaler and Cleaner

  2 x 300g tubs. 

Concentrated mix formula. 

Exclusive from Uniflo Products

Macerator specialist.


Simply mix the crystals with warm water and pour down the toilet bowl/pan.

Helps keep your macerator pump clean and free from blockages. 

Regular use of this product is the simple solution to a long life for your macerator. 

This cleaner De-scales,Cleans and disinfects all in one.

For use on all types of macerator units and toilets.

The formula of this product will not harm pump rubbers or pump plastics but is ideal for de-scaling and a deep down disinfecting clean. 

Helping to keep your toilet and macerator clean and hygienic.

EASY TO USE with full instructions.

2 X 300g e TUBS

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Macerator specialist and Uk based.

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Uniflo Sanifo macerator pump cleaner.