Macerator toilet de-scaler saniflo grundfos descaler Cleaner 5 Litres Sanitiser


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Dirtbusters Professional Toilet Macerator  Descaler 

5 Litres Ocean Fresh

(Macerator & Septic tank safe)

Descales | Cleans | Sanitises | Disinfects | Odour Neutralises

Dirtbusters toilet and macerator descaler is a professional grade phosphoric acid based product. Unlike cheaper alternatives it contains a greater concentration of descaling acid which means the solution is more effective, works faster and lasts longer. The solution is also thickened for extra dwell time on vertical surfaces.

Dirtbusters toilet descaler is specifically designed for macerators and to be septic tank safe. It will not affect macerator pump seals like bleach or other forms of acid. 
Our toilet cleaner is an economic alternative to saniflos expensive descaler but is manufactured to similar specifications with the added advantage it can be used as a daily toilet cleaner which will also keep the macerator unit scale free during normal daily use.

The liquid has a pleasant ocean fresh fragrance and neutralises bad odours during descaling and general use.

Once the unit is descaled after the initial treatment use daily and repeat descaling treatment every 3 months for hard water areas.

The Solution Is Biodegradable

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